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The world-renowned and highly-skilled Plant Growth Consulting Group, already delivering value across four continents,  endeavors to insure growers worldwide realize maximum ROI potential while serving all global markets with premium product.

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David Rosenstein

David A thought leader, grower and innovator in the urban agriculture space since 2010. He founded several other ventures including BlueHouse- a vertically integrated, design-build greenhouse company, OurFoods, a nonprofit Social enterprise dedicated to urban ag education, training and developing pathways to work in and around our food system.

Ken Harding

Ken is a technical specialist and an international consultant in hemp. He is a breeder of unique genetics and a landrace seed preservationist, with 18 years of experience in best farming practices globally. Whilst working under varying climatic conditions, he developed novel cultivation, breeding, preservation, germination and extraction methodologies.

Jeff Ghitman

Jeff Ghitman is an executive advisor and entrepreneur who has focused his career on the intersection of finance and operations in the consumer product and agriculture supply chains. Driven by impact-focused businesses, Jeff has founded and exited from numerous startups.

Rigo Rios

As a muti-generational lifelong farmer in the California central valley and VP of Business Development for the National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association, Rigo is a very highly respected traditional Industrial Agriculture.  Clearly Rigo has a deep passion to fight for farmers getting everything that he possibly can.  Hemp is a huge cash crop for farmers and he sees it as a means to create great change in the lives of farmers nationwide.

Dylan Elmgreen

Dylan has been in cash crop agribusiness for over a decade.  He brings a unique mixture of experience, foresight, technical prowess, system creation, group organization, and his favorite sales.  Over the last 8 years as a consultant, Dylan has been helping impact-focused startups find a powerful path for themselves in the world.

Cat Maida

Cat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Communication from Truman University leaving the corporate world in 2016 to work alongside David Rosenstein at Ourfoods 501(3)C as Director of Operations.  Cat presides over PGG’s sales & field support, coordinating events, design support, and oversees in-house processes.     

Christian Gray

Hemp Industry, Genetics, & Sales Advisor Senior executive with more than 25 years business development, sales and marketing experience.  Christian has already been involved numerous hemp companies including running sales for the Auto Pilot Seed Company.

Gabriel Youtsey

Agribusiness & Farm Tech Advisor Business and technology leader focused on transformative innovation at the intersection of food, agriculture, environmental sustainability and technology. Able to build successful teams at every level of world-class campus, corporate, and field environments. Adept at recognizing game-changing opportunities and shaping a cohesive vision and strategy, then building uncommon collaborations and team to achieve them.

Paul Henderson

Paul’s corporate career spans 20 years with vast expertise in leading Operations, Business Development, Distribution, Product Management, and Finance departments. He led a team at Goldman Sachs during the bank’s launch of GS Bank USA taking the operation from concept to $24B in assets in less than 24 months. At GE he worked on high visibility projects like raising institutional capital for the real estate business, creating partnerships in the alternative fuel space with large automotive fleet manufacturers, and restructuring an entire sales and support organization. Then at Apple he was responsible for all global education and enterprise finance programs under the Apple Financial Services brand. Together with reseller financing programs, this business grew in excess of $1B in lending volume. He joined the cannabis industry in 2016 as a CFO where he was instrumental in growing revenue 8x during his tenure at Indus Holding Company. He joined Grupo Flor in Sept 2017 leading and expanding the company from real estate to a fully vertically integrated cannabis company. MBA, Carnegie Mellon Univ BA, Brigham Young Univ

Hana Gabrielová

Hana is a 20 year veteran in the hemp and cannabis industry and is a widely recognized expert and consultant on everything from hemp farming to patient-focused certification (PFC) for medical cannabis​,​ through her affiliation with the Prague-based International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute. Her career spans the gamut of policy, NGO and for-profit organizations.

Mike Reid

Mike Reid has a successful career in the technology industry holding senior management positions in Product Management, Sales, and Marketing. Mike has developed businesses in Asia, Europe, and Latin America negotiating agreements with heads of state, academic, and large commercial enterprises.